Why I have not been doing this blog as much as I should…

Guys, I am a completely and truly sorry that I have not been posting on this blog as much as a person who blogs should. (don’t know how often that is)

Here are a few reasons why:
~ School

~JROTC (Air Force)

~ Drill Team

~ Color Guard

Now Drill team and Color guard was my choice to join. I am not complaining about joining because they are both extremely fun… the only thing that I do not like about Drill Team and Color Guard is that my self has to be at Rogers High School at 5:45 in the morning for Drill Team Practice. Once I finish Drill Team practice I have to go back up to the class room and grab a Riffle (It’s not real I promise!!!) and go a different gym as in not the one that we did Drill Team practice in (makes no sense to me) and then I have Color Guard practice for about 40 minuets then I go and eat my muffin (breakfast) and then I go on into class (JROTC).

Most of that probably didn’t need to be shared but hey, I feel as if I can share anything with you guys! C: So yeah, if I go to far…. please let me know and I never go that far again!!! Unless you know… it’s interesting! C:

~My journey through life

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