School friends…

Okay, so most of you if not all of you know that I am at school at 5:45 in the morning, since I am apart of the drill team for AFJROTC and the MSgt said on the first day of Drill Team was this, “We are pretty much a big family…. a dysfunctional family but a family.” It is a good thing that we are pretty much a family… why?!?!?! So then we can help each other in the way that we have to help them! Which I think is amazing! Guess what! I have also started dating again! I am so excited that me and my x-boyfriend got back together! That probably doesn’t make sense but if you there in the situation it would make more sense… just trust me on this! 

Since I have started Drill Team, I have gotten A’s in all of my classes that have put in their grades which I am so excited! I am not suggesting to you that I was failing my classes but I am pretty sure that if I had not joined Drill Team I would probably be failing at least one class… to be more specific it would have been Math because be honest we all suck at Math!

Oh, and I figured out how to write my name for AFJROTC! Do you want to see?!?! Of course you do! Here it is!:


I would put my last name then a “,” then my first name after that. The “C/AB” means Cadet/ Airman Basic. I am at the beginning since I am a First Year Cadet.

Anyway, that’s it for now!

~My journey through life C:

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