Drill team “family”…

So, I have not been apart of this amazing drill team for exactly 2 weeks and 3 days! At first, I was all like “this is going to be hard and there will be no way that I will be able to stay awake during this”, but now I am all like “This is so not all that tiring”. Now, I say that because I keep on catching myself waking up at 4:30 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep until like 8:30 at night. Knowing that most of you guys are going to be like “Well… don’t teen’s in High School wake up at like 12:00 p.m?” I am just going to say, that yes… I am a little bit more tiered in all of my classes than usual but that was my own doing. It wouldn’t have been my doing if I had not chosen to join Drill Team but hey, it’s all good! Do I wish that I could sleep until like 6:00 a.m?! Yeah.. but it is worth waking up at 4:30 in the morning!

I already told you all that on the first day of Drill Team the MSgt told the whole Drill Team, meaning us 1st year cadets joining, that the Drill Team is like a big dysfunctional family!  I have figured out that it is true! You might be asking yourself why at this moment in time. Because, as us 1st year cadets we don’t really know how to do some of the steps correctly (mostly me), so we are over here tripping over out dress shoes if we have them… but hey the returning drill team are willing to help us learn how to do the steps correctly, which I think is just awesome!

For our first drill competition, there are 41 steps….. now that seems like a lot but it isn’t really that much, but they are kind of confusing. Especially when you are in the 4th element and the 5th cadet, meaning there is a square with 4 elements and each element has 4 cadets in it and I am the shortest person on the drill team by an inch and a half.  That doesn’t seem like much… but it is!

Anyway, our first drill team competition is in Redmond, OR and we get to take a bus to the competition… and no not a school bus… it is a different type of bus I just don’t know what kind of bus yet but any type of bus is better than a school bus… and believe me it is better than a school bus when you have to travel for like 8 or more hours in a bus. Just trust me on this one, you don’t really want to travel for 8 hours in a school bus because those seats are just so uncomfortable! People who say that those seats are so comfy are just LIARS!!! Because, trust me they are so uncomfortable.

That’s about it for now!

~My journey through life C:

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