Plans that will just backfire on you…

Well…. this plan backfired so much!

My plan: (brilliantly thought out if I say so myself)
Step1) Show up at Rogers for drill team practice
Step2) After drill team, do color guard practice
Step3) Go outside and pray for Rogers for the “SYATP” (see you at the pole) event

Hm….. I wonder which part backfired on me. If your wondering it would be “Step3”. Now for my church friends, this is not the reason I did not go to Valley assembly tonight…. I had to finish up some homework. Anyways! It was on my plan for this morning… but obviously I was to busy talking with friends and eating my morning muffin (it was delicious). Now believe me, I love god and believe that it is important to go to church at least once a week… but to be honest homework comes before anything! Which is something that I have set myself to!

So yeah….. Thank you for reading!

~My journey through life C:

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