I absolutely positively dislike my Color Guard/ Drill Team commander right now! I will shed some light on why…

He is just making me so mad right now because, he will not allow for us 1st year cadets to take the Color Guard test with the upper class cadets. They know just as much as we do! So my question was why can’t we take the test with them. I figured out why, it is because all of the upper class cadets are his friends so he wants his friends to take the test first and then have us first year cadets take it and not be accepted onto the team. Hmmmm…. yeah that’s fair!

All I know is that I am already going to do so much better than at leastone of the upper class cadets! Which means that the spot will probably go to me, since I am just that awesome! So, I think I will have a huge chance at being on the Color Guard team which is just awesome!

~My journey through life

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