Knowing that I have not updated this in a while…. I figured that I should! (which is a brilliant idea if I do say so myself) Anyway! So, let me start with the fact that I am still passing all of my classes! And yes, that includes my JROTC class or classes if you want to count drill team (I don’t count it as a class). Almost one whole week from last Thursday which would be 17 Oct 13 (sorry, military date writing… got use to it), I might be folding the American Flag at my other school (as in not the school that I go to for JROTC). I am so excited to be able to fold this flag… the only down side is that the flag folding is usually a janitor thing but hey are not even folding it correctly! They just fold it into a square which is not the correct way to fold the flag at all! Yeah, I only learned yesterday… but at least I am trying to fold the flag. The only down side is that I do not have two other students to help me fold the flag… and the janitor got a little mad (or something like that because I do not think that I heard my teacher that asked me) anyway, since I am now waiting to actually fold the flag… I have been continuing on my studies for school. (not that it ever stopped)


~My journey through life C:

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