Hi guys! What’s up?!

So, it is now 11 days until I leave to go to Redmond, OR for a drill competition. I am so excited to go, the only that is kind of sad is that if people can not get their grades up there will only be 12 of us going out on the floor and that will deduct a lot of points and with as many unarmed drill teams as there is we need all the points that we can get! Now let’s be honest, it would be amazing to walk out of this competition with first place knowing that we just not only beat all of the other unarmed drill teams there but we also beat the host school.

I am not trying to you know… disrespect Redmond but… you know that if you not the host school it is always your goal to get first place and show that you can and will get first place. Let me tell you this now… it is one thing to walk in saying that you are going to win 1st place but it is another thing to also walk out of a competition with 1st place. 

I am hoping that I will be able to go… not because I don’t meet the requirements to go because I do…. but it is because I have a little bit of a cold or cough but I have a day of school so that I wouldn’t get anyone else at school sick which was a smart idea on my part because with being so close to the competition date we can’t allow anyone to get sick. 

Anyway… that’s all I got… cool?!?!?! YUSH IT IS COOL!!!

~My journey through life C:

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