Drill meet

Okay, so I have finished my first drill meet. It was pretty fun, now we did not win first place but we did go and tried.

Let me tell you about inspection. In inspection an inspector walks up to you and you would introduce your self and then they inspect you. I was all types of nervous, because I have never done this…. needless to say I kind of cried in the hall before going onto a stage with the team to be inspected. It was so funny because we got inspected by people who dont shine their shoes (their shoes are pre-shined) and the comment that I got for my shoes was ‘Wow, your guys shoes are more shinny than mine.’ And so since I didnt know what to say I just stood there later to find out that I was so pose to say something.

Regulation and Exhibition was pretty easy but that was because I was not thinking about anything I just listened for what Quintion was going to say.

Overall this was a good competition for me because now I know what it feels like to go through everything so… yeah….

~My journey through life

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