School tests…

HOLY FLUFF NUGGETS! I cannot even begin to explain the amount of dislike I have for tests in school. They are the worst things ever! As many of you know, I am in the JROTC program and well let’s say that I absolutely BOMBED the last test. I received a ‘D’ on the test. To be honest, these tests are super easy for me… but apparently not this one. So, now I go from and ‘A’ to a ‘B’. It is not that bad…. but I need to get my grade up so that I can stay on drill team. If I fall to a ‘C’ I will be unable to attend the next drill meet… and let’s be honest, that would be no fun.

I talked to one of the instructors today, and he is allowing me to re-take the test for a better score. So, I finished taking notes and tomorrow I will be taking the test again… I just hope I get a better score. HOLY FLUFF NUGGETS YEAH!

Oh! and, I also took a spelling test today in my English class. Yes, even at my school we still have to take spelling tests. This should not be anything new, but by the time High School comes, you should not have to take spelling tests. Anyway, I probably was not so pose to know my score yet for the test, but I have a credit support class (home work time) and so I asked my teacher how many words I missed and guess what! Wait for it…. wait for it just a tad bit longer…. I ONLY MISSED TWO! I am so excited for that… yeah it means I have to take the other two but that is not that bad… considering when my mom had me take a practice test I missed like 16.

So, yeah. That’s it!

~My journey through life 🙂


2 thoughts on “School tests…

  1. If you’re worried talk to your teacher, they’ll keep in mind that you’re serious/concerned about your grade while they’re scoring your test.

    I would know….im a teacher 😉

    1. 🙂 Well, I did talk to my instructor today and he said that I could re-take the test that I failed…. so that is a good thing. And all of my teachers know that I am serious about my studies so I don’t think that will be an issue. It has happened in a lot of my classes though, to be honest…. I kind o slacked off and didn’t review my notes for the class. Smheurr…

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