Oh my shmeurr…

Okay, so I want to be completely honest with you all. Uh… I don’t know how to put it.. but I am currently in a love/hate relationship this morning. Now, you might be asking ‘Who With?!’, well that is what I am going to tell you. It is with school okay! I currently dislike school because I am just a tad bit behind with my school work but that is no matter because I have now completed two of my classes and have.. well I do not know how many credits right now.. but that is not the point. Anyway, yesterday I had to finish up this ‘Human Growth and Development test’ for health… yeah just letting you guys know that this is the worst test I have ever taken and trust me I have taken a lot of tests!

I have also completed my finals for Physics. Now, I might not have done a great job but at least I passed with a ‘B’ in the whole class so I am super excited about that. Many people don’t know this about me but I love to take karate, but because I had to take Marimbas I was unable to take it last semester, but no worries I am able to take it this semester and drop my Fine Arts class (I didn’t even enjoy my marimbas class this semester).

There is only one down side to my story though, I have to take finals in my JROTC class. Well, at Rogers the time for finals is from 8:15 to 10:15… that is two whole hours… and personally I can not afford to miss practically two whole classes at my other school so my plan of action is the following:

(1) Stay an hour (so leave at 9:15)

(2) Ask Col if it is okay if I take the test tomorrow with the second hour class (the schedule is weird this week)

and Finally my last step is… 

Drum roll….. 

Just wait for it…

(3) Ace the finals for the semester! 🙂


And so far I am up to step two… which should be step one.. not the point! :V


~My Journey Through Life


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