Drill meet

Okay, so I have finished my first drill meet. It was pretty fun, now we did not win first place but we did go and tried.

Let me tell you about inspection. In inspection an inspector walks up to you and you would introduce your self and then they inspect you. I was all types of nervous, because I have never done this…. needless to say I kind of cried in the hall before going onto a stage with the team to be inspected. It was so funny because we got inspected by people who dont shine their shoes (their shoes are pre-shined) and the comment that I got for my shoes was ‘Wow, your guys shoes are more shinny than mine.’ And so since I didnt know what to say I just stood there later to find out that I was so pose to say something.

Regulation and Exhibition was pretty easy but that was because I was not thinking about anything I just listened for what Quintion was going to say.

Overall this was a good competition for me because now I know what it feels like to go through everything so… yeah….

~My journey through life


Another Countdown…

Hai! Now, it is 6 days until I leave to go to Redmond, OR. I am so excited because I finally get to go to Oregon. Not only that, but I know that we are getting close to the date when we leave because today we put on leather luster, it is the stuff that makes your shoes all shiny. Only sad part is I got it all over my hands and it is still there! Good part is that I didn’t get it on my cloths. Today, I learned that I am not to wear my uniform on Wednesday. Since we are going to Redmond, OR it will take us 11 to 11 1/2 hours to get there.

Now, my mom has to work on the day that I leave which is on Friday and I compete on Saturday… so she is planning on leaving at 2 or 3 in the morning. It is surprising because on Google maps it says it will take about 7 hours and the only reason it will take my 11 to 11 1/2 hours is because we are planning on taking multiple stops along the way and I am riding a bus with the other team members on like a school bus or a coach so it will be a long bus ride. 


Hi guys! What’s up?!

So, it is now 11 days until I leave to go to Redmond, OR for a drill competition. I am so excited to go, the only that is kind of sad is that if people can not get their grades up there will only be 12 of us going out on the floor and that will deduct a lot of points and with as many unarmed drill teams as there is we need all the points that we can get! Now let’s be honest, it would be amazing to walk out of this competition with first place knowing that we just not only beat all of the other unarmed drill teams there but we also beat the host school.

I am not trying to you know… disrespect Redmond but… you know that if you not the host school it is always your goal to get first place and show that you can and will get first place. Let me tell you this now… it is one thing to walk in saying that you are going to win 1st place but it is another thing to also walk out of a competition with 1st place. 

I am hoping that I will be able to go… not because I don’t meet the requirements to go because I do…. but it is because I have a little bit of a cold or cough but I have a day of school so that I wouldn’t get anyone else at school sick which was a smart idea on my part because with being so close to the competition date we can’t allow anyone to get sick. 

Anyway… that’s all I got… cool?!?!?! YUSH IT IS COOL!!!

~My journey through life C:

Sunday football…

So, I am in my room and as I am online looking at various girly pictures on Pinterest… I can hear my mom out in the living room with a family friend and my little sister. She continues to say ‘Whose your daddy now?!’ and I am in my room just like…. ‘Er my guard…. I have a crazy family’ but hey that is why I love them and I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest with you!

Now, I am not the type of person that would watch football mostly because I do not understand the game (some would say that is un-american), but honestly if I don’t understand the game there is no reason I should be watching it anyway! Sorry if you like football but I am not a fan 😦 

Still love my readers though! C:


~MY journey through life C:


Knowing that I have not updated this in a while…. I figured that I should! (which is a brilliant idea if I do say so myself) Anyway! So, let me start with the fact that I am still passing all of my classes! And yes, that includes my JROTC class or classes if you want to count drill team (I don’t count it as a class). Almost one whole week from last Thursday which would be 17 Oct 13 (sorry, military date writing… got use to it), I might be folding the American Flag at my other school (as in not the school that I go to for JROTC). I am so excited to be able to fold this flag… the only down side is that the flag folding is usually a janitor thing but hey are not even folding it correctly! They just fold it into a square which is not the correct way to fold the flag at all! Yeah, I only learned yesterday… but at least I am trying to fold the flag. The only down side is that I do not have two other students to help me fold the flag… and the janitor got a little mad (or something like that because I do not think that I heard my teacher that asked me) anyway, since I am now waiting to actually fold the flag… I have been continuing on my studies for school. (not that it ever stopped)


~My journey through life C:

Being sick…

I hate being sick! Why?! Because, it almost always during the school year. Which just sucks right now, because I am so pose to show up for Drill practice in the morning and now I don’t know if I will be able to! It just sucks! I can’t afford to be late or miss Drill practice. There are only 4 of us out of 22 people that actually are above a C in all of our classes and are caught up in homework. Which surprises me because I am the only… let me repeat that… ONLY first year cadet that is with in those 4 people.

That blows my brain that I am the only one though, I mean really?! There are also some seniors that are out of us 4. But hey, on the bright side my Drill Team commander can’t be mad at me because I am… as my mom puts it “One of his star students”… which isn’t a bad thing, but at the same time it’s like wow!


~My journey through life


Hai guys! What up?!

Just wanted to let you guys in on some of the stuff that is happening in my life so far! So, I know that I have been complaining on what is happening on Drill Team but I am here to let you know that it has almost been completely resolved. I am actually trying to talk to him again, although I do not think that it is working that well but whatever! All that matters is that we have resolved the issues that were happening! All I have to do is watch what I say towards him… which shouldn’t be hard but though still. 🙂

~My journey through life